Advantage of PID DUCT panel

1. Light Weight :PID have light weight panels that the weight per square metre is less than metal sheet to 4-6 times therefore it is easy to fabricated and install and the weight of PID is around 1.4 Kg/m2.

2. Energy Saving :Due to PID have light weight panels and easy to install so we can reduce quantity of worker and use worker less than Galvanized steel sheet. It help to save labor and save cost of expenses.

3. New Installation and Renovatation :PID is suitable for new installation and renovate due to there is light weight so there is not affect to the structure of the building and it easy to move or remove. No matter if it is new installation or renovation.

4. Fastness PID is duct that there is foam faced both side by aluminium foil which is insulated itself. It doesn't to insulate and the panel is longup to 4 M. It can cut and fabricated duct for more quantity than Galvanized steel sheet. Therefore help to save time and reduce the process of fabricate and install duct then we can install ductwork faster.

5. Leakage :PID Duct when it fabricated completely, the structure will be closed cell. There are very few or almost no of air leaks and it passed the standard of DW 144, So it is an advantage of Energy saving and save cost also.
6. Non CFC :In the process of production, PID is non CFC then when we cut the panel of PID will not be dangerous for skin and inhalation of workers.
7. Decoration :Due to when it cut and fabricate duct and then duct looks clearly sharp of shape. The panel is aluminium which shiny, So it will be beautiful and tidy when install completed. And we can paint or spray the color on it as what you want.